Chest Computed Tomography Findings Typical of COVID-19 Pneumonia in Germany as Early as 30 December 2019

A Case Report

Antonia Petersen; Sebastian Nagel; Bernd Hamm; Matthias Taupitz


J Med Case Reports. 2023;17(117) 

In This Article

Abstract and Introduction


Background: The first cases of coronavirus disease 2019 were officially confirmed in Germany and its European neighbors in late January 2020. In France and Italy, there is evidence that coronavirus disease 2019 was spreading as early as December 2019.

Case Presentation: We report on a 71-year-old male patient from Germany who was admitted to our hospital on 30 December 2019 with pneumonia of unclear etiology and chest computed tomography findings typical of COVID-19 pneumonia.

Conclusion: This case may indicate that coronavirus disease 2019 was already spreading in Germany as early as December 2019.